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Andrey A. Konoplyanik is an energy economist by background (major professional areas - energy economics, evolution of international energy markets, energy & investment legislation, energy financing). He graduated from (in 1975) and received his PhD (in 1978) and Dr. of Science (in 1995) in international energy economics from Moscow-based State University of Management and Professor’s degree (in 2012) from the Russian Gubkin State Oil & Gas University at the Chair “International Oil & Gas Business”.

In late 70's and through 80's he researched international energy issues in the Institute of World Economy & International Relations, USSR Academy of Sciences (IMEMO). In 1990-91 he worked as a chief specialist in the USSR State Planning Committee (Gosplan) in the division of market analysis, department of foreign economic relations, dealing mostly with international legal aspects of foreign direct investments in energy.

From 1991 to 1993 Prof. Konoplyanik served as Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy of Russia with particular responsibility for external economic relations and direct foreign investments, and in this capacity, inter alia, he headed Russian delegation at the negotiations of the Energy Charter Treaty. From there he left to the doctorate of the State University of Management where he in 1995 ahead of schedule defend a dissertation of doctor of economic sciences on the topic “Concept of attraction foreign investment into Russian energy” based on his theoretical elaborations which he has been incorporating into practice during his work in the Ministry and afterwards.

Since 1993 till 2002 he has also worked as a non-staff Adviser to the Deputy Prime-Minister E.Gaidar, to a number of Ministries in the Russian government (Fuel & Energy, Economy, Finance) and to the Russian State Duma (Committees on economic policy and on natural resources), where he headed the drafting group preparing investment-friendly legislation on Production Sharing Agreements (PSA).

After Russian State Duma has enacted in 1995 the Law on PSA, in 1996-1999 Prof. Konoplyanik worked as an Executive Director of the Russian Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He tried to form this bank, on the basis of PSA legislation, as national development bank providing development of both oil & gas producing and machine-building regions of the country. Default of 1998 gas spoiled these undertakings.

In 1999 he created and until early 2002 was the President of the Moscow-based Energy and Investment Policy and Project Financing Development Foundation.

From March 2002 till May 2008 Prof. Konoplyanik served as Deputy Secretary General of the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels, Belgium. He took this position after he has won international competition for this post.

After returning back to Moscow in 2008 Prof. Konoplyanik worked as an Adviser to the Board, GPB Neftegas Services B.V., Moscow branch, and a Consultant to the Board, Gazprombank, Russia, then he was Director for energy markets regulation and project leader in the Foundation, established by Gazprombank and Gazprom export, “Institute for Energy and Finance”.

In end 2009 together with W.Boltz (Austria) he has established the process of informal consultations between Russian gas experts and energy regulators and transmission system operators of the EU member-states with participation of the representatives of the European Commission on the open issues of the Third EU Energy Package, which coordinator from the Russian side he stayed until last Network Code to this Package was adopted in 2017. Since 2011 he is a Russian co-chair of the Work Stream 2 “Internal markets” of the Russia-EU Gas Advisory Council (in 2011-2017 both WS2 GAC meetings and informal consultations were held in coupled mode; in March 2022 European Commission has suspended EU’s engagement under GAC WS2 for a non-determined period of time).

Since January 2013 he is an Adviser to Director General of Gazprom export LLC.

From 1997 till 2002 Prof. Konoplyanik has been also a visiting lecturing professor on international energy markets in the State University of Management (SUM), Moscow. Since October 2008 till February 2020 he was also a visiting lecturing professor at the Chair "International Oil and Gas Business", Russian State Gubkin Oil and Gas University (SGOGU), Moscow, with his special course on evolution of international oil and gas markets and instruments of investment protection & stimulation in energy. Since September 2022 he is a visiting lecturing professor at the chair of world economy in Diplomatic Academy, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, with his special course on evolution of international energy markets and instruments of investment protection & stimulation in energy, based on his similar earlier special courses in SUM & SGOGU.

Prof. Konoplyanik is a member of Scientific Council for System Research in Energy, Russian Academy of Sciences; Associate Member and Distinguished Fellow of the Institute of Energy for South-East Europe (IENE, Athens, Greece); Member of the Academic Board of the China Electricity Council – International Energy Charter Joint Research Center (Brussels, Belgium – Beijing, China). In 1994-2019 he was a Honorary fellow at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee (Scotland, UK), and in 2019-2022 - a Honorary Professor of the Center for Energy Law, University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK).

He is a member of the IBA, IAEE and AIPN, New York and European Academies of Sciences, member of the Editorial Boards of the journals “Neft Rossii” (Oil of Russia), “Neftegazovaya Vertical” (Oil & Gas Vertical), of International Advisory Board of “Energy Policy” journal, associate editor of “Energy Strategy Reviews” and “Oil, Gas & Energy Law (OGEL)” journals, member of the Expert Board of the journal “Neft, Gaz i Pravo” (Oil, Gas and Law). He published more than 700 articles on energy issues both in the USSR/Russia and abroad, and participated in more than 90 monographs, incl. 20 individual ones. He is a frequently invited speaker at international energy conferences.

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